January 31, 2017

For most Canadians, once we have reached the age of eligibility, we are applying for a drivers licence. Driving is a basic necessity for many of us and sometimes things do go wrong. We have to be conscious about being a driver, carrying passengers and watching out for pedestrians.


As soon as you own a car, insurance is recommended and required if the vehicle is to be operated. Knowing what kind of insurance you need and who to buy from is vital.

Typically to set a premium to insure your vehicle, insurance companies consider many variables, including:

  • The make, model and production year
  • The driving records of individuals who drive the vehicle including accidents and tickets
  • Where you live
  • How the vehicle is to be used, business, commuting or leisure driving.

You can lower your premium by making informed decisions. Generally the harder your vehicle is to steal and less expensive it is to repair, the less you pay for insurance. You can learn about the many ways to lower your premium here

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