October 27, 2017

We should be driving safely all the time but as Halloween is just around the corner, we should be more diligent about it.  It will be a busy week coming up with many Halloween parties on the weekend and all the kids on the roads trick-or-treating.

When driving on Halloween evening, it would be best to just avoid subdivisions between 6-9pm, as that is when most kids are out trick-or-treating.  If you do need to be out and about, take note of the following driving safely tips.

  • Pay attention to the roads as you never know when a child decides to pop out from behind parked cars or zig-zag across the road.
  • Eliminate all distractions while driving so that you can concentrate on the road.
  • Do not use your cell phone for any reason while driving.
  • Give yourself lots of time to get to your destination, so you are not rushing and feeling the need to speed.
  • When you are pulling out of your driveway, be conscious of your surroundings.

Parents and kids will be going to costume parties where there will be alcohol being served.  Hey, if you know that is happening, do the right thing and arrange to get home safely.

  • Either be the designated driver and not drink alcohol, get someone to pick you up or take a taxi or Uber.  Never drive home intoxicated.
  • If you know someone who is about to drive or ride while impaired, take their keys and help them make safe travel arrangements to where they are going.
  • If you see an intoxicated driver on the road, notify your local law enforcement

Driving Safely is very important anytime of the year, with Halloween season you need to take extra precautions.  All the extra traffic on the sidewalks with unpredictable pedestrians can pose a lot of extra risks.  Be safe on the road.

Check out the following Halloween Tips to keep you and your kids safe this season.

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