September 6, 2017

The kids are back to school.  For the younger ones, there are the school supplies, and new clothes as most of them would have probably have outgrown everything.

For the older kids who are off to college or University, there are other things to think about especially if they are moving away to school. Are they moving into residence or getting an apartment.  What kinds or furnishings do they need?  Are they taking their car with them or leaving it at home?

So many things that need to be done and one of the more important things is forgotten is back to school insurance.  Do the dormitory residence or the apartment that they are moving into have any sort of insurance?  Will they have to purchase tenant insurance or liability insurance or are they covered by your home insurance.  How about the car that they are driving?  Will they be the primary driver or an occasional driver?

Not sure? Go here to read more about the different situations for your child’s insurance.  Or contact us to make sure your child is covered and protected as they head back to school for another school year.  Back to School Insurance is important too.